Heart Disease and Why to Not Fear the Fat

The odds are that you or someone you love is affected by heart disease.  According to the Center for Disease Control here in the US, every hour there are 31 deaths from heart disease. The kicker is that according to the CDC, at least 10 of those deaths could have been prevented. The CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report from a couple weeks ago reported mortality data on the five leading causes of death in the country: Diseases of the heart, cancer, chronic lower respiratory diseases, cerebrovascular diseases, and unintentional injuries. The method the CDC researchers used to determine the number of potentially preventable deaths for each of the five conditions was to compare the number of expected deaths (which was based on the … [Read more...]

Posture is Important: Don’t Become Chair Shaped

My biggest complaint about my job is the amount of time I spend sitting.  I spend at least 40 minutes a day driving to and from work (often with trips during the day).  I sit at my desk.  I sit in meetings. I even sit when I eat my meals. My posture is threatened the majority of my waking hours.  I bet your in the same boat.  When was the last time you thought about your posture?  The body is designed to make our daily activities easier.  This means the more time you spend sitting, the more chair shaped your body is becoming.  I stumbled across this short, animated video highlighting the dangers of bad posture and some easy fixes. Office Posture Matters: An Animated Guide   Office Posture Matters: An Animated Guide from Flikli … [Read more...]

Make the Change: Get Some Zzzz’s! and the Importance of Sleep!

Welcome back for part three of my top ten health tips series.  Today's topic deals with how critical it is to get adequate rest each night.   Sleep is that often overlooked component in a healthy lifestyle.  A good nights sleep helps you to be more mentally alert and gives you the physical energy to accomplish your daily responsibilities.  Numerous studies show that a lack of sleep negatively impacts insulin sensitivity which is going to cause you to crave (or consume) more sugar.  Sleep optimizes your hormone functioning including natural anabolic hormone levels which play an important part in recovery from exercise.    I don't want to lump us all into the same bucket because some people have trouble going to sleep while others can't … [Read more...]