TACFIT Survival and the Next 28 Days

I want to introduce you to Alberto Gallazzi’s TACFIT Survival that will train you in “Tactical fitness, or movement which derives from and supports our primal heritage” allows you to: Move to Survive so you become Fit to Thrive.” I love the idea of tactical fitness not because I am a member of our elite forces, or even police officer, or fire fighter, or even a park ranger for that matter BUT rather because I have a nearly three year old daughter and six month old twins. 

If you are a parent than you can understand so for the rest of you let me make the connection.  Tactical movements have amazing similarities to chasing after your toddler, picking up dropped pacifiers with a baby in arms, or maneuvering through a mind field of toys carrying baby and toddler.  Parenting will have you moving in planes of movement you never thought possible (and have your chiropractor cringing with the poor body mechanics you are using to accomplish all the task that go with children).  Enter TACFIT Survival…

What is TACFIT Survival and who is Alberto Gallazzi?

TACFIT Survival builds on the TACFIT platform.  TACFIT’s emphasis distills movements into their basic components, and then builds them up using Scott Sonnon’s formula for an errorless process that uses incremental progression in learning adaptable movements that refine to complex movement patterns. Alberto Gallazzi, CST/TACFIT European Director, has been a part of the TACFIT community for the past 15 years.  Alberto has an impressive resume that includes former Airborne Commando, Special Forces/Police consultant, Dignitary Protection Agent, full contact Jiujitsu world champion and Krav Maga expert.  The TACFIT Survival protocol was created by Alberto to support his training of a specific type of Krav Maga, Hisardut.  Alberto has created one of the most focused, time- efficient, and practical exercise programs under the TACFIT name.

What do TACFIT Survival movements look like? 

What is the primary training focus of TACFIT Survival?

The following quote from the program manual will show you that simply stated the core is the primary focus of TACFIT Survival.

When performing TACFIT Survival, the movements create the need for the Hollow Body position in order to perform the repetitions. Since this Hollow Body position resists all three elements of rotation (pitching, rolling and yawing), you maximize your core activation. And since the core is grand central station for all the engines in your body, you gain the greatest fitness benefit from these specific movements.

For those of you, like me, who are not tactical operators, gymnasts, or martial artists need to experience the “Hollow Body” position to really appreciate the importance of this training emphasis.  Head over to Coach Sonnon’s blog to try his Power Chamber workout  to feel the difference an engaged core does?

What do you get with the program?

For $97 you get a 43 page manual along with the instructional videos to explain the three levels of TACFIT Survival. The manual includes descriptions of the key mechanics, body position, and breathing techniques.  The manual includes a program chart that follows Coach Sonnon’s 4×7 training wave (4 day training wave that is repeated 7 times for one mission).  There are also follow along videos so it is like you are working out with Alberto as you are learning the protocols. 

Just like other TACFIT programs there is a specific warm-up video (including instruction) and cool down routine to help you recover from training and compensate for the training.

My one problem with the program is the audio quality of the instructional videos.  You will likely need to watch the videos a couple times through to pick up all of Alberto’s coaching queues (which isn’t a terribly bad thing). 

The next 28 days…

The 28 days in the title above references the 4×7 training protocol.  TACFIT Survival was released two weeks ago, which was when I got it.  So actually I only have 20 days left for my first time through the missions as I have already completed 2 cycles of the protocol (i.e. 8 days).  I was going to wait until completed a full 28 day mission to post, but I have been too impressed with Alberto’s program to wait to share it with you.  There will be a few more posts, but I highly recommend picking up a copy of the program for yourself.  It only costs $97 and gives you three months of training options with a sweet warm up sequence and specific compensatory movements to the training.  You couldn’t even buy an hour of Alberto’s time for $97. 

Click Here —> To head over to the TACFIT Survival site to get access to the program

Good luck and drop a comment if you have any questions!

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