Workout Wednesday: Grok Gets A Desk Job

Mark Sisson over at Mark's Daily Apple (dot) com currently is in the tail end of a series of contests as part of the 2012 Primal Blueprint 21-Day Challenge.  The various contests cover recipes, Grok feasts, various other things, and a workout video.  Well I felt inspired and decided to create a primal influenced video for the contest. I created the Grok gets a desk job workout. The winner of the contest will get some pretty sweet prizes like a sandbag, suspension training system, a rope, a square workout mat, massage ball, and Vibram Fivefingers Shoes (the detailed list can be found here).  All things that my wife will make me keep in the basement or as I like to call it, my workout cave... So in honor of the contest and my Grok … [Read more...]

TACFIT Survival and the Next 28 Days

I want to introduce you to Alberto Gallazzi's TACFIT Survival that will train you in “Tactical fitness, or movement which derives from and supports our primal heritage” allows you to: Move to Survive so you become Fit to Thrive." I love the idea of tactical fitness not because I am a member of our elite forces, or even police officer, or fire fighter, or even a park ranger for that matter BUT rather because I have a nearly three year old daughter and six month old twins.  If you are a parent than you can understand so for the rest of you let me make the connection.  Tactical movements have amazing similarities to chasing after your toddler, picking up dropped pacifiers with a baby in arms, or maneuvering through a mind field of toys … [Read more...]