Kettlebell Core Series, Part II

I have a hard time just sitting and watching TV.  Much to my wife's annoyance, I instead use that TV time for stretching, myofascial rolling, or core work.  I posted my favorite kettlebell core exercises, but here is another group of exercises to add some variety to your core work. I use a 16 kg kettlebell for each of the ab and core exercises in this workout (feel free to substitute a medicine ball, free weight or just body weight).  Make sure to focus on the correct form before adding extra sets or reps.  The three exercises are the kettlebell hot potato, kettlebell yaw press, and Janda sit-ups. First start with 100 kettlebell swings or 1 set of Tabata Interval swings. Hot Potato: start by holding the ball of the kettlebell … [Read more...]