Finding a Fantastic Fruit, the Fig, and a Few Facts

Yesterday, as I was wondering the produce section of my favorite Dayton grocery store, Dorothy Lane Market, I stumbled across Calimyrna figs.  I grabbed a basket full of figs and dined like a king!  These figs were good for having made the trip to Ohio, but just two weeks I had fresh figs that I literally picked off the tree.  Two weeks ago the family and I had been visiting my in-laws in California.  They have a Mission fig tree and a Calimyrna tree in their awesome is that?! Before you stop reading and write me off as some Old Testament Fig and Honey freak, you need to rediscover this fantastic fruit.  I too,was once a fig skeptic even having grown up in California.  The gooey white gum that oozed out of fresh figs … [Read more...]

Quinoa: It’s for Breakfast or Dinner!

Quinoa, "mother of grains", was a staple of the Inca's diet.  This "grain" is actually a seed, but it cooks like a grain.  If you are not familiar with quinoa, than it is time to get to the store and buy some!  This little seed has the highest in protein of any cereal type food. It is a complete vegetable protein source that provides all the essential amino acids, lots of iron, magnesium, and fiber. Think "Super food"! I love using Ancient Harvest's Inca Red Quinoa which has a more distinct flavor than the milder, traditional quinoa.  You can get it at your local health food store.  If you want to save a little money, you can get quinoa at Trader Joe's. I am going to share a couple of quick and easy quinoa recipes to get you started … [Read more...]

What’s Better: Mangosteen Skin or Pulp?

What's better the mangosteen skin or the pulp?  That depends on why you are asking.  If you just want to listen to your taste buds than the juicy pulp is better.  The fleshy inside (like a lychee fruit) is the reason this was named the Queen of fruits by Queen Victoria.  The juicy inside is divided into 4 - 8 white pulp segments that taste like a cross between citrus and strawberries.  However, the skin, rind or pericarp (choose your noun) is where all the excitement is located...Xanthones, baby! Xanthones are found primarily in the rind and seed, which is bitter in flavor.  The health benefits attributed to mangosteen come from these xanthones. Mangosteen Skin So the answer to my question is that mangosteen skin is better for your … [Read more...]