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Sep 01

Finding a Fantastic Fruit, the Fig, and a Few Facts


Yesterday, as I was wondering the produce section of my favorite Dayton grocery store, Dorothy Lane Market, I stumbled across Calimyrna figs.  I grabbed a basket full of figs and dined like a king!  These figs were good for having made the trip to Ohio, but just two weeks I had fresh figs that I …

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Mar 26

Quinoa: It’s for Breakfast or Dinner!


Quinoa, “mother of grains”, was a staple of the Inca’s diet.  This “grain” is actually a seed, but it cooks like a grain.  If you are not familiar with quinoa, than it is time to get to the store and buy some!  This little seed has the highest in protein of any cereal type food. …

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Nov 06

What’s Better: Mangosteen Skin or Pulp?


What’s better the mangosteen skin or the pulp?  That depends on why you are asking.  If you just want to listen to your taste buds than the juicy pulp is better.  The fleshy inside (like a lychee fruit) is the reason this was named the Queen of fruits by Queen Victoria.  The juicy inside is …

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Feb 16

5 Superfoods from Dr. Oz


Superfoods are simple additions to your diet that can make a huge impact on your health.  Check out this list from Dr. Oz on 5 superfoods to add right now. 1. Sweet Potato The women of Okinawa, Japan (who also happen to be the world’s longest living ladies) enjoy a purple sweet potato they call …

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Aug 14

Pu-erh Tea for Health

Pu-erh cakes

Yunnan, the birthplace of tea, produces Pu-erh (pronounced “POO-air”), the most famous tea that you have probably never heard of.   The legend of Pu-erh tea began almost 2000 years ago in this southwest province of China.    In a small basin surrounded by mountains is the city of Pu’er where the tea got its name and the province’s …

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