1000 Calorie Challenge Review

A Review of Joel and Arnel's 1000 Calorie Challenge About a year ago Joel Marion and Arnel Ricafranca created a program called the 1000 Calorie Challenge. I learned about the program from the Bodyweight Coach blog (blog roll to the right-à).  At the time I tried some of the workouts and played with the diet.  I really liked it and said I will definitely give the program a try.  Well, I filed it in my vault to pull it out later and I got distracted with a couple of other personal goals (CST and Kettlebell Sport training). For those of you familiar with Circular Strength Training (CST), you know that the training cycles go 4x7 for a 28 day training cycle. I broke out my copy of the program and I am now 4 weeks into the 1000 Calorie … [Read more...]