Home Theater Setup and Fat Loss For Beginners

I’m on a multi-month project right now…finishing my basement. I need to correct you before you start thinking I’m doing all the work, rather I’m (well really my wife) is doing the contracting and handling all the subs. The framing, plumbing, and electric are done. We are currently stalled on finding a reasonably priced drywall installer. Now don’t worry, I’m contributing to this project. The one thing that I am doing is mapping out the cabling for the home entertainment system. This brings me to the point of today’s thought. Well really it is about training for fat loss… There are so many ways to set up the home entertainment system. I’m figuring out the right wires for the components and speakers plus connecting them so they all talk to … [Read more...]

The Anti-Fat Bias? Is it in you?

Do you have an anti-fat bias? Maybe you openly criticize or subconsciously judge.  Do you know a sure-fire fix? Or do you struggle with weight issues? One of the great sports rivalries was between to famous boxers, Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali.  Frazier was the first prize fighter to beat the great Ali.  The epic bouts of the 1970’s created two legends “Smokin” Joe and Ali that we remember independently.  The two were building the story of the other through their fights, but they were in it for themselves.  The legend was greater because of the two not as one fighter on his own.  This morning, I read a post by Mark Sisson on Mark’s Daily Apple, “The Stigma of Obesity” that had me reflecting on a personal bias I struggle with.  It … [Read more...]

The Truth About Fat Burning Foods

A few weeks back, I was having a nutrition discussion with a dear physician friend.  He has gone vegan and often times raw in his eating choices.  Now, I don't agree completely with his philosphy and still enjoy being a omnivore.  However, I discovered one ingredient NEVER to eat to keep the fat buring rolling. Seriously, NEVER. Then over the weekend I was looking over  Nick Pineault's (aka - the "Nutrition Nerd"), Food Investigator, new book,  The Truth About Fat Burning Foods,  and here was the same ingredient.  It is one of the most common artificial ingredients, and you've probably had a couple of grams already today (probably in the healthy serving of peanut butter this morning). As the saying goes, fool me once, shame on … [Read more...]