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Jun 11

The Anti-Fat Bias? Is it in you?

Do you have an anti-fat bias? Maybe you openly criticize or subconsciously judge.  Do you know a sure-fire fix? Or do you struggle with weight issues? One of the great sports rivalries was between to famous boxers, Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali.  Frazier was the first prize fighter to beat the great Ali.  The epic …

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Jun 05

The Truth About Fat Burning Foods


A few weeks back, I was having a nutrition discussion with a dear physician friend.  He has gone vegan and often times raw in his eating choices.  Now, I don’t agree completely with his philosphy and still enjoy being a omnivore.  However, I discovered one ingredient NEVER to eat to keep the fat buring rolling. Seriously, NEVER. Then over the …

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Feb 08

Weight Loss Myths: What Do You Believe?


We have now made it a month into 2013 and hopefully you are still going strong on your resolutions.  A giant kudos to you for staying strong…but if you have lost your way because of a weight loss myth than I want to bust those excuses.  Weight loss myths are some of the strongest held …

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Oct 15

Lose Weight Inspite of Yourself and the Critics


I notice an interesting phenomenon at work.  My day job is at an employer that is large enough to have a Weight Watchers at Work program for those wanting to lose weight.  I am amazed at how many people want/need to lose 50 or pounds.  Like anything today, we want it know, but there are …

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Jul 24

Five Easy to Add Metabolism Boosting Foods

red peppers and other spices with garlic and onion

How many of you have been guilty of “rubbernecking” (if you are driving and you slow down to “rubberneck” at the accident)?  That curiosity to look as you drive isn’t only limited to the car.  My newest rubbernecking has been online…I can get lost on For those of you that don’t know, Fiverr is …

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